What sets us apart?

From the worksite to the C-Suite, our highly experienced staff continue to provide worldwide advisory services in safety, quality, environmental, and change management.  

Our staff have over 50 years experience providing sound strategies, guidance, and support across multiple industries, such as:

  • Aviation (Helicopters, Fixed Wing)
  • Transit (Rail, Bus)
  • Utilities (Power, Water, Refuse)
  • Local Government
  • Security
  • Medical
  • Military support

Services Provided

Management Consultation


Whether its strategy, structure, change management, internal oversight, or operations; we have a solution.  Let our staff help you find the right fit for what you need.

Expert Consultation & Testimony


We have multiple, highly experienced staff able to provide expert consultation & testimony.  We can provide you the independent advice and council you need.

Audits & Assessments


Our industry expertise performing audits and assessments for management systems   compliance for a variety of industries include Aviation, Transit, Public Utilities & local government agencies

Risk Management


In any industry, there's risk in everything you do.   We can help you identify hazards and mitigate risks in a format customized to both communicate to your C-Suite, and meet your needs.

Training Solutions


A must for any company. From internal safety audits, change management, to Safety Management; let our industry professionals customize a training solution to your needs.

Worldwide Experience


Our staff have crafted their expertise in multiple industries all over the world. Let us do our part to help your company put all the pieces together and reach for your goals.

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